Stein am Rhein is famous for its well preserved medieval oldown and the wall paintings in the town center, the Rathausplatz.

Right on the Rathausplatz is our Hotel Adler which bears the most recent painting from 1956.

The team at Hotel Adler in Stein am Rhein is looking forward to seeing you!

  • Rooms in Hotel Adler / rooms in Hotel Roseberg.
  • Our over 200 year old building is in the heart of the historic old town.
  • Learn more about the latest façade painting - the Carigiet facade (1956).
  • Impressions - Get a taste of the old town in Stein am Rhein.
  • We are only about 25 kilometers from the famous Rhine Falls.

Discover our Hotel on this website, then come visit us and enjoy a few days in lovely Stein am Rhein.

We are looking forward to host you!

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